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Blue Sake (Dunedin)

That entrancing glow of the neon Blue Sake sign should be more than enough to entice Asian food lovers and veg-heads alike to the relaxing atmosphere inside. Offering a smorgasbord of Asian meals from every region of the continent, customers will never want for more, especially with an exciting array of sushi rolls to choose from that includes everything from the Tampa Roll (white fish tempura, onion, and mayo), the Dynamite Roll (mixed grilled seafood roll with mayo, roe, and eel sauce), and the Bucs roll (yellowtail, krab, scallion, cucumber and white tuna with a few other additives). Vegetarians and vegans are treated to a number of veggie rolls, edamame, and of course, tofu. Factor in Blue Sake’s nigiri, salad, soup, rice, noodle, and tempura dishes, and Asian food lovers will have no shortage of exotic, delicious food to choose from. They even deliver!

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