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Whole Foods (Sarasota)

Whole Foods is famously credited with transforming the mundane chore of shopping for groceries into a socially responsible and sustainable community activity. Despite touting higher price tags for it’s organic and all-natural fare, not a single grocery store in the area provides the same all-in-one consumer experience. Pick up a a salad from the Cold Salad Bar, or grab a freshly blended fruit juice from the Smoothie and Fruit Bar to beat the sweltering Florida heat. If you’re in the mood for a hot lunch, the Olive Bar and Hot Lunch cart carry plenty of organic international options to satisfy your Asian, Indian, or Latin American cravings. Stop by the bakery and abate your sweet-tooth or carboholic impulses with cupcakes, macaroons, croissants, baguettes, or one of their specialty cakes, baked fresh daily. Of course, if by this time you actually remember to buy groceries for the week, Whole Foods proudly presents a wide variety of organic, preservative-free items, from blueberries to potato chips to frozen lasagna. Vegetarians and vegans alike will find a larger-than-usual selection of meat alternatives and other integral ingredients for meatless meals, like nutritional yeast. Likewise, customers with sensitivity to gluten can also find gluten-free flour, pasta, rice, and other pre-packaged or already-prepared comestibles. If you’re eager to escape the slog and routine of regular grocery shopping, then make sure to plan a visit to Whole Foods!

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