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Top 7 Most Unusual Organic Makeup Products

Organic Makeup

  • You should always choose makeup with sunscreen
  • Many ingredients in organic makeup is good for your skin
  • Many organic makeup products double as something else

Organic makeup is becoming extremely popular among a lot of women. It is not just because can be better for your skin. It is also because so many of the organic products out there double as something else. For instance, a natural foundation might also improve your skin’s elasticity. You get the idea. So let’s go on to take a look at the top 7 most unusual organic makeup products available on the market right now.

Unusual Product #1: Emu Oil

There are products out there which really do contain oil from the emu! They are typically oils, usually with antibacterial qualities. As well, emu oil itself is supposed to be able to really rejuvenate the skin. Thus, in its way, it also doubles as an anti wrinkle skin care product.

Unusual Product #2: Sun Screen Cosmetics

A lot of natural makeup products now double as sun screens. It can be any kind of makeup; there is a company out there which offers eye makeup which doubles as a sun screen. It can be eyeliner or you can shade your eyebrows with it. Either way, it contains an ingredient known as methylparaben. What this substance does is battle against bacteria and mold! It works to keep you healthy in a number of ways.

Natural Product #3: Hemp Products

Yep, you read that right – quite a few makeup products are made from hemp seed oil. That is because the oil makes for a great moisturizer, even acting as a humectant for your skin. Typically, lipstick is made from the oil of hemp seeds, so your lips are sure to be soft, supple, and moist.

Natural Product #4: Nail Polish

Given the fact that nail polish is what it is and typically has to be removed with acetone based removers if they are worth their salt, it may seem well nigh impossible to create an organic makeup after it. However, a number of companies have done that. The key ingredient is usually aqua, which can actually help keep your body and your skin from becoming dehydrated.

Natural Product #5: Facial Masks

You might argue that a face mask is not precisely a makeup product, but a good facial is a key for making your skin – and thus your makeup – look its best. Facial masks are made with a number of unusual organic products, such as mango seed butter. It helps to make your skin softer, plus protects it from being damaged by the sun or the wind.

Natural Product #6: Face Powder

Organic makeup or not, face powder is an important part of any collection. Organic powders are much better for your skin, though. When they are made with Zea Mays, they can keep your face from getting oily or shiny. The powder does not cake either, which makes it a much more palatable alternative than regular facial powders and plain old talc.

Natural Product #7: Lip Balm

Balm is just as important as gloss, especially when you want to keep your lips looking full and soft. You also want them to be moist. Organic lip balm is very helpful with this, especially when it contains neem. That is a very nourishing oil which can help your skin retain essential moisture. That also makes it great as an anti wrinkle skin care product. It is another essential organic makeup product.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

One Response to “Top 7 Most Unusual Organic Makeup Products”

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    Danny Says:
    Wow! Emu oil, huh? I never would have thought of that. I don't use makeup, but I read this anyway for skin care hints. I'm glad I did. I would rather use an organic substance or product anytime it will be applied to my body, internally or externally. So these are all useful hints, including neem as a lip gloss. I stopped using glosses even though my lips get chapped in the dry climate I live in. They seemed to lose their effectiveness over time. I will check a neem-based lip gloss out for sure.