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Top 5 Natural Migraine Treatment Methods

Migraine Headache

  • Natural migraine treatment can include chiropractic care, which is very effective.
  • Biofeedback can be a migraine headache cure when learned properly.
  • A natural migraine cure can be eliminating trigger foods from your diet.
  • One migraine cure involves changing to a low stress lifestyle.
  • Icepacks and dark quiet rooms can be a natural migraine treatment to minimize symptoms.

Using a natural migraine treatment is important to many people who suffer from this disorder. A migraine headache can become unbearable, and make the slightest sound or light excruciatingly painful. These headaches may be caused by stress, visual problems, certain medical conditions and medications, and other things. One frequent cause of migraine headaches is overexertion of the neck muscles. Your menstrual cycle can also cause a migraine headache, and these are usually referred to as a menstrual migraine. There may or may not be a migraine cure, depending on what is causing the headaches, but even if it is a medical condition that can not be cured it is possible to use natural migraine treatment to minimize the severity and frequency of these headaches. There are a number of natural migraine treatments that are safer, cheaper, and more effective than drugs used to treat these conditions.

1. Visit a Chiropractor

Chiropractic manipulations to correctly align the spine, and vertebral adjustments to relieve pressure on the spinal cord, can be a migraine headache cure and preventative. This natural migraine treatment ensures normal blood flow and nerve impulses to the brain and other parts of the area, and can minimize migraine symptoms and the frequency that they occur. Manipulation and adjustment of the spine has been used for centuries as a migraine cure, as well as to treat other conditions. This is especially true in ancient chinese medicine, and is still effectively used today by many to get rid of migraine headaches and keep them away. More than eighty percent of migraine sufferers will get relief with this method.

2. Participate in a Biofeedback Program

Biofeedback training programs are not medical treatments. Instead, training sessions are used to teach you how to control your involuntary nervous system, including your heart rate, skin temperature, blood pressure, and muscles. This allows you to relax tense muscles that contribute to a migraine headache. Biofeedback can be a very effective migraine headache cure that is natural and has no harmful side effects. This natural migraine treatment will help in about seventy percent of the migraine cases, but this method is not ideal for everyone.

3. Change Your Diet

Choosing the right diet is important for a natural migraine headache cure. Certain foods, and chemicals in foods, may cause migraine headaches or make them worse. Find out what foods trigger your symptoms, and eliminate them completely from your diet. There are a large number of foods that can affect this condition, and the foods which bother you may be completely different than what bothers other people with a migraine headache. Common culprits can include caffeine, chocolate, cured and processed foods, and many others.

4. Switch to a Lower Stress Lifestyle

Stress is a common cause of migraine headaches, and stress causes tension in your body which makes your neck muscles tense, and this is another common migraine cause. Getting enough sleep, exercising more, and eliminating stressful things from your life can help you prevent migraines before they even start. This natural migraine treatment adds the benefit of making your entire body fit and healthy.

5. An Icepack, a Bed and a Dark Quiet Room

This migraine cure is very common, and is also an old remedy. Place the icepack at the base of your neck and hairline, making sure to use a cloth between your skin and the ice. Lay down on a bed in a dark quiet room, and try to go to sleep. The icepack will help slow down the throbbing and pain, and the dark quiet room lets your senses rest. If you can nap that is even better, because many migraine sufferers report that sleeping makes the migraine go away.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

4 Responses to “Top 5 Natural Migraine Treatment Methods”

  1. 1
    Jasmine Mayfair Says:
    Natural treatments are still the best option to treat migraines. Like what this blog says, its cheaper than any other drugs, its safer and just effective. These natural methods are absolutely great to treat migraines.
  2. 2
    jenni Says:
    Processed foods most definitely can trigger your migraine. Check the ingredients of everything you eat. Look into what additives are known migraine triggers. My husband has several triggers, garlic, chocolate, and the worst trigger for which we have to call a doctor to relieve his migraine is Tartrazine 102 (this is banned in USA). Other additives for him to avoid MSG 621, and 110.
  3. 3
    Caleb Belac Says:
    So if i eat a lot of processed foods, could that be a direct cause to my migraines do you think?
  4. 4
    ardella Says:
    As I migraine sufferer, I swear by numbers 4 and 5. To be quite honest I never thought about trying a chiropractor. I will have to keep in that in mind for the next time if I can stop the migraine from progressing to the point where number 5 is my only option.