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Different Types of Migraine Headaches

There are many types of migraine headaches, and many different migraine headache symptoms. There is the classic type, which has an aura that proceeds the headache, and the common type which does not have an aura associated with it. Other types of migraine headaches can be either common or rare, and can include nocturnal types, those caused by exertion, and some types which involve vision problems. In some rare cases a form of migraine headache may actually temporary paralysis on one side of the body. There are some natural treatments of daily headaches that may help provide relief if you suffer from any types of migraine headaches at all. Biofeedback, acupuncture, changes in diet, avoiding your specific triggers, and other treatments can help you deal with these headaches without using narcotics or other strong drugs that may have serious side effects.

Types Of Migraine Headaches

Knowing which types of migraine headaches that you suffer from can be very beneficial in treating migraine headache symptoms. This will also allow you to determine the best natural treatments of daily headaches in your case. When this problem occurs it can be extremely painful, and each type can have different triggers and symptoms. If your problem becomes severe or the pain lasts for too long you may need to see a doctor to get effective relief. Over the counter pain medications may not work in many cases. Laying down in a cool dark room with no noise may also help, and so can using a cool washcloth on your forehead.

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