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Top 5 Cataract Operations

The only successful way to remove cataracts is with cataract operations. The clouded lens must be removed and replaced with a clear new lens. Cataract operations are performed regularly and are safe. There are three different procedures for cataract removal that can be used.

Extracapsular Extraction

This method is an older technique which is not that popular anymore. An incision of 12mm is performed in the eye to remove the lens. The lens’ capsule is left to hold the intraocular lens. Many sutures are made to seal the eye after surgery. If not done correctly it can lead to astigmatism.

Phacoemulsification (Phaco)

This cataract operation is the preferred method for the removal of cataracts. A laser breaks the lens without damaging the capsule. The incision, for inserting the foldable intraocular lens, is only 3mm. The intraocular lens unfolds in the eye and settles in the capsule. The incisions are self-sealing and no sutures are made.

Sovereign Whitestar Technology

This is a very new process and has only been performed on a few patients at the Marianas Eye Institute. It is a major upgrade from the “phaco” type of surgery and much gentler on the eye. During this process the eye pressure is measured 50 times per second.

Cataract surgery recovery is usually quick and patients resume their tasks within a day or two. Eyes can be itchy and red and patients wear an eye shield for a while to prevent injury. Eye drops are used for a period of time after the surgery.

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