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Top 10 High Dividend Mutual Funds of the Past Decade – newest update

This is an update on a previous article. In here we will include some interesting and new dividend mutual funds that offered surprising outcomes.

Despite the continuing uncertainty in the markets, there are a large number of high dividend mutual funds out there. At the end of 2009, I wrote an article which reviewed the top 10 mutual funds of the last decade. The best dividend mutual funds of the time were giving some extraordinary returns. These have since suffered due to the difficult economic conditions that we have experienced, and even some of the high dividend funds plummeted along with global stocks. With the crisis weakening, however, some of the mutual funds have recovered and made fantastic gains.

In this article I have looked back at the high dividend mutual funds of the last decade, to see how they have performed in the 12 months from July 2009 to July 2010.

1. Ing Russia Fund Class A, symbol LETRX – 12 months: +47.6%

This fund is in Russia, so there is a little more risk involved than many other funds, but in the last decade it was one of the best performing mutual funds out there. During this time it grew by twenty one point eight percent annually. This last year has been massive for this fund, with huge growth.

2. USAA Precious Metals And Minerals , symbol USAGX – 12 months: +34.8%

USAA Precious Metals and Minerals Mutual Fund grew by an average of nineteen percent per annum in the last decade, with one three-month percentage gain of more than thirty five percent.

3. BlackRock Global Resources Fund I, symbol SGLSX – 12 months: +14.4%

One of the highest performing mutual funds in the last decade with an average of nineteen percent per annum. It is a great fund if you are looking for a high yield dividend. It is well diversified and has offered yields that many funds could only dream of. The last 12 months have seen reasonable, if unspectacular growth.

4. Icon Funds Icon Energy Fund, symbol ICENX – 12 months: 2.8%

This is an energy-based fund, and over the last decade it grew by more than eighteen and a half percent per annum. This fund has had a tough 12 months, with minimal growth.

5. BlackRock Global Resources Fund, symbol SSGRX – 12 months: +13.93%

This fund specializes in oil, coal and other such natural resources. Over the last decade it grew by more than eighteen and a half percent annually. This fund has had a respectable last 12 months.

6. Evergreen Precious Metals Fund, symbol EKWAX – 12 months: +29.8%

This is a gold oriented fund. It had a dividend rate of over eighteen percent in the last decade, making it one of the best funds out there. The last year has been great for this fund.

7. First Eagle Gold Fund, symbol SGGDX – 12 months: +23.8%

This is a large fund which has nearly eight hundred million dollars in assets. Its dividend rate over the last decade was more than eighteen percent. The last 12 months have been great for this fund.

8. Tocqueville Gold Fund, symbol TGLDX – 12 months: +53.7% +26.31 (43.90%)

Over the last decade, this fund saw an annual growth of more than sixteen and a half percent. It has more than half a billion dollars in assets. This fund has performed phenomenally this last year, and has seen massive growth.

9. Jennison Natural Resources Fund, symbol PNRZX – 12 months: +18.9%

An excellent performer over the last decade, this fund gave sixteen percent per annum, making it one of the best out there. The last year has been good for this fund too.

10. Mathews China Fund, symbol MCHFX – 12 months: +19.3%

This mutual fund got into the top ten with a fifteen and a half percent annual growth. The fund focuses on China, which makes it somewhat riskier at times, but it has seen some high dividend yields. This last 12 months have been good for this fund.

As you can see, the majority of these top 10 mutual funds have rebounded strongly since the crisis. A lot of value was lost, so some of these figures look more impressive than they really are. In any case, these best-dividend mutual funds represent some great collective instrument investment opportunities. You are strongly recommended to research further into all of these high dividend funds. Bear in mind that the figures are from summer to summer, 2009-2010, so they might be out of date by the time you read this article.

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The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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