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Top 10 High Dividend Mutual Funds of the Past Decade

A summary of some of the best from around the world over the last ten years. These have been gauged on overall performance and progress.

  • Mutual fund investing can offer high dividend yields when the last decade is examined
  • A mutual funds performance has a large effect on whether the dividend is high or not, as shown by the top ten funds
  • Many investors search for a high mutual fund dividend when deciding on specific investments

1. Ing Russia Fund Class A, symbol LETRX

This high dividend mutual fund is ideal for emerging markets mutual fund investing, and this fund has a ten year percentage of twenty one point eight percent annually. There is a little more risk involved in exchange for the high dividend, because this fund is in Russia, but the rewards can be well worth it if all goes well.

2. USAA Precious Metals And Minerals Mutual Fund, symbol USAGX

If you are looking for mutual funds performance, take a peek at USAA Precious Metals And Minerals Mutual Fund. This fund has a growth percentage of over nineteen percent when it comes to the last decade, and a three month percentage of over thirty five percent. This qualifies this mutual fund as one of the top 10 high mutual fund dividend payers over the last ten years.

3. BlackRock Global Resources Fund I, symbol SGLSX

This fund is perfect for mutual fund investing if you are looking for high yield dividends, and it is one of the top in the last decade at almost nineteen percent. This fund is well diversified and offers dividend yields that most funds only wish for. Net assets for this fund are slightly over thirty million, making is somewhat small.

4. Icon Funds Icon Energy Fund, symbol ICENX

If high yield mutual fund dividend investing is what you are looking for, this energy based fund has it with a percentage slightly over eighteen and a half percent over the last decade or so. This earns this mutual fund a spot on the top ten dividend yields of the last ten years.

5. BlackRock Global Resources Fund, symbol SSGRX

Just like fund I, this fund specializes in global natural resources such as oil and coal, among others. This fund has also sen more than eighteen and a half percent dividend growth consistently over the last decade, making it a keeper.

6. Evergreen Precious Metals Fund, symbol EKWAX

This gold oriented fund offers mutual funds performance with a dividend rate of over eighteen percent, making it one of the best over the last decade when it comes to mutual funds. With over four hundred million dollars in assets, this fund is not small and can offer high dividends.

7. First Eagle Gold Fund, symbol SGGDX

With close to eight hundred million dollars in assets and a dividend rate of more than eighteen percent, this fund is one of the top performers when it comes to dividend yield and value. This fund focuses on gold investments, and capital preservation while maximizing dividends and returns.

8. Tocqueville Gold Fund, symbol TGLDX

With a dividend rate at over sixteen and a half percent, this mutual fund can not be ignored during mutual fund investing because it is one of the top ten. With more than half a billion dollars in assets and the high dividend yield, this is a terrific investment for most.

9. Jennison Natural Resources Fund, symbol PNRZX

Mutual fund investing in the Jennison Natural Resources Fund will help you get a high dividend yield. The percentage for this fund over the last decade is close to sixteen percent, making it one of the best when it comes to mutual fund dividends.

10. Mathews China Fund, symbol MCHFX

This fund is popular and in the top ten for mutual funds performance, and it has a ten year percentage of fifteen and a half percent, putting it up there in the list of the best. This fund focuses investments on the China region, making it somewhat riskier at times, but the high dividend yields are tempting to many investors in mutual funds.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.