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The Future of Green Mutual Funds

The future of green mutual funds continues to look brighter and brighter as the focus on eco-friendly living is becoming top priority for government, businesses, and individual households. such as green investing and green building are helping people to become more socially and fiscally responsible.

Green mutual funds were once just a fringe investment vehicle, but many experts predict that green investing will be a $260 billion industry within 10 years. The future of green mutual funds looks promising as green funds are popping up every month and people are implementing green money management that include investing. Smart investors are getting in now because of the popularity of the green movement, but they also understand that mutual fund managers often invest in small volatile companies that have huge ups and downs.

The future of green mutual funds often depends on the people who manage them. It's best to look at the track record of the fund manager to see if he or she has been successful at managing funds in the past.

Green investing comes in a variety of forms and there are investment vehicles out there for both the conservative and the risk-taker. Green mutual funds tend to be volatile and not for the risk-averse investor or those who are close to retirement.

Not all green investing funds are created equal. The future of green mutual funds like the Winslow Green Growth fund or the New Alternatives fund look great because of managerial experience, but there have been many that have crashed.

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