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The Top 5 International Mutual Funds

Foreign equity markets present massive opportunities, which can no longer be ignored by investors. Developing markets have begun emerging in destinations considered increasingly lucrative, apart from those located in Europe, with developed and mature economies. This is because these developing markets are not affected by the slowdown in the economies in the of the world, and they continue growing very rapidly. Mutual funds help keep the risks down when investing into a particular sector, and it is definitely a safer route for those investors who want to get into international markets. Here we present you with the top international mutual funds:

1) Wasatch International Growth (WAIGX) is one of the best rated mutual funds because it looks for growth in capital in the long term. A significant portion of its assets are used in emerging market securities. It invests in at least five countries involved in the Small Cap Index MSCI AC World Ex-U.S.A. In the last three year period, this international mutual fund had returns of 25 percent and a best 3 month return of 48 percent. A minimum $2,000 initial investment is necessary with a 1.57 percent expense ratio.
2) Elfun International Equity (EGLBX) is another top mutual fund because equity securities are its main investment focus, with 80 percent of assets invested in them. This mutual fund strives to have a variety of investments over emerging and mature economies. Usual purchases include foreign securities from a minimum of three different countries. Its annualized three year return is 5.28 percent, and it has been managed by the same person, Ralph R. Layman, since 1991.

3) Calamos International Growth A (CIGRX) is one of the best rated mutual funds because it seeks capital appreciation. Foreign securities take up a major chunk of its assets. This fund usually invests in larger companies and looks for those that have a strong potential for growth. In the last three year period this fund had a return of 17.28 percent.

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