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Top 10 Hedge Funds To Consider During Recession

Hedge fund rankings can play a big part in whether investors are willing to put their capital into these funds. There are some hedge funds that are still a great investment even with the current recession happening. Look for hedge funds that are well diversified. Offshore hedge funds can be included in good choices for hedge funds as well. The top ten hedge funds that should be considered during a recession are listed below.

#1. Bridgewater Associates – This is another viable choice in hedge funds. This fund has a total of almost sixty billion dollars in assets, and is located in Westport Connecticut. This hedge fund has investments in emerging markets, equity investments, currency, commodities, bonds, and global fixed income. The diversity of the portfolio for this hedge fund makes it a good choice, even during a recession.

#2. JPMorgan Asset Management – This is one of the best hedge funds to consider during a recession. Based in New York and holding assets valued at around forty-six billion dollars, this hedge fund is very well diversified, which will help to protect investors in this fund against enormous losses.

#3. Paulson and Co. – This is an employee owned hedge fund. Based in New York City, it holds assets valued at thirty-seven billion dollars.

#4. Brevan Howard Asset Management – This hedge fund invests in a variety of markets. It is based in London and holds a value of more than thirty billion dollars. It was founded in 2002.

#5. Soros Fund Management – This is an American, privately held hedge fund founded in 1969. It has been called one of the most profitable firms in the industry averaging a 20% annual rate over the last four decades. Currently valued at around twenty seven billion dollars.

#6. Man Investments – This company is based London and offers investors a wide range of alternative and traditional investment products. Worth more than twenty-five billion dollars.

#7. Blackrock Global – This company has a very diverse portfolio and practices a disciplined risk management strategy that has allowed them to prosper. Currently worth more than twenty-four billion dollars.

#8. Och-Ziff – One of the largest asset management groups, it was founded in 1994. The hedge fund’s primary investment strategies include convertible and derivative arbitrage, corporate credit and merger arbitrage. Currently worth almost thirty billion dollars.

#9. Baupost Group – This company is based in Boston and emphasizes risk management as a tool for success. It is currently worth more than twenty billion dollars.

#10. Farallon Capital Management – This hedge fund is a good choice as well. This hedge fund invests in emerging markets, mergers, venture capitalism, equity securities, debt securities, real estate, restructuring, recapitalization, and other investment areas, giving them a well diversified portfolio that appears to be a winner.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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