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What are the best performing hedge funds?

A common question asked by many investors is, what are the best performing hedge funds? There are many places where you can find the answer before putting your hard earned investment capital at risk. There are a wide variety of hedge funds out there, and many can be a good choice for a large number of investors. One of the best performing hedge funds in 2011 was the Tiger Global, with managers Chase Coleman and Feroz Dewan. This fund had an excellent return last year of forty five percent. This number is much better than the 2011 return of its peers. Another good choice for investors is the Redwood Capital Master, and this hedge fund has shown excellent performance in the past. This fund uses a distressed strategy, and has seen a return of more than sixty nine percent in 2009. The manager for this fund is Jonathan Kolatch.

Pure Alpha II is another of the best performing hedge funds, and a long/short strategy is used with this choice. In 2011 this option had a return of twenty three percent. Managed by Ray Dalio, this is a hedge fund worth watching. Providence MBS is a hedge fund that performed well in 2011, with a return rate of twenty percent. Tennenbaum Opportunities V is another great choice for investors who are looking for the best performing hedge funds. Kensington Global Strategies uses a multi-strategy approach, and it seems to be working because in 2009 the manager Kenneth Griffin posted a return of fifty seven percent. It is not always easy or convenient to find the best performing hedge funds. Using the Internet and doing the necessary research can help you make better investment decisions and get better results.
The best performing hedge funds in 2011 were frequently those that did poorly in 2010, but that saw a huge turnaround due to recent economic activity. The ideal fund for each investor may be different, and even the top performing hedge funds involve some risks. There is no single investment that is completely safe or guaranteed not to incur losses. Doing all of the research and evaluations needed to find the right choice for your investment goals and strategies is crucial, even if you are evaluating the top performing hedge funds that seem like an excellent option. You will find many different strategies and levels of acceptable risk, as well as different portfolio holdings and diversity levels. Even top performers can involve losses at times, and you should never invest any capital that you cannot afford to lose. This is the first and most important rule of investing. Top performing hedge funds may be the right choice, but you still need to do the work to make sure the fund you choose is the right one for your investment capital and circumstances.

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