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Top 5 Emerging Markets Hedge Funds

  • Emerging markets hedge funds can offer terrific hedge fund performance and benefits
  • Emerging markets funds can vary in volatility, and may involve more risks but also the chance for greater returns
  • Hedge fund trading may involve many different risks and benefits, depending on the specific fund, so make sure to do thorough research before deciding on any investment or fund

Emerging market hedge funds are funds which use their investment capital in the emerging markets sector, such as Asia, India, and other countries, areas and markets that are just developing. Hedge fund trading can include emerging markets and the hedge fund performance for these markets have both advantages and drawbacks. Because emerging markets are usually more volatile, this can mean more risks involved in this type of investing. However, the returns you can see when everything goes well are one reason why investors enter these markets anyways, knowing fully the risks that they run. These funds can be a good investment if you do the research and stay within your investment management guidelines.

1. BLDRs Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index Fund, trading symbol ADRE

This hedge fund holds investments in international stock in diversified emerging markets. The fund has almost three hundred and fifty million dollars in assets, and the total investment return for five years for this hedge fund is a little over nine percent. It has a five star rating, no minimum investment amount, and no load fees, with a fourteen percent turnover rate. The expense ratio for the fund is three tenths of one percent, but it is volatile with a rating of ten.

2. Delaware Pooled Trust Emerging Markets Portfolio, trading symbol DPEMX

The hedge fund performance of this fund is outstanding, making it one of the best emerging markets funds of choice for many investors. The fund has asset values of over four hundred million dollars, no load fees, and a volatility level of nine. The turnover rate is somewhat high, at forty three percent, but the expense ratio for this fund is just slightly over one percent. This hedge fund is a little less volatile than some others, but there are still risks involved that you should be aware of before investing in these markets and funds.

3. Virtus Emerging Markets Institutional Fund, trading symbol HIEMX

Virtus is one of the top emerging markets funds for a number of reasons, including a five year return percentage at close to seven percent and no load fees on your hedge fund trading. This hedge fund performance is strong, and has a volatility level of nine instead of ten. It has assets valued at almost four billion, and has received a five star rating from Morningstar.

4. Delaware Emerging Markets Institutional Fund, trading symbol DEMIX

This fund is a good one for investors who are evaluating funds for hedge fund trading in emerging markets funds. The five year return rate for this fund is almost two and a half percent, there are no load fees involved, and there is no minimum amount needed to invest. The expense ratio is somewhat higher than some funds at around one and a half percent, and the turnover for this fund is around thirty seven percent. With more than two billion dollars in assets this fund is well positioned, but the volatility level is a ten.

5. New World R5 Fund, trading symbol RNWFX

The New World R5 Fund offers terrific hedge fund performance in one of the best emerging market funds you can find. With a five year return rate of around two percent and an expense ratio of less than one percent, this fund is one you should consider before making any investments. There is no minimum investment amount and no load fees, so it is a better value than many funds you will find out there.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Seth Freeman Says:
    Why do you refer to these emerging markets mutual funds as hedge funds? They are all 40 Act funds with long-only strategies and one of them is an index fund. These are generically mutual funds.