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Symptoms and Treatments of Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are mainly caused by stress, although in some cases these migraine headache symptoms can be caused by tight neck muscles due to your posture instead. Natural treatments of daily headaches can provide relief, but if this does not work you should see your physician to determine the cause of your tension headaches and the best in your circumstances. The symptoms may only last half an hour, or they can continue from the time you wake until you go to bed at night. You may feel pressure similar to a tight band around your head, and you can also have muscle aches in other areas of your body as well. You may also have trouble going to sleep, and the pain may wake you in the middle of the night. You may also experience a sensitivity to noise and light, and you may feel dizzy at times.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches, just like other migraine headache symptoms, can be treated. There are natural treatments of daily headaches, and treatments that your doctor can provide. Over the counter pain medications like Tylenol, Motrin, and others may help control the discomfort, or you may need something stronger from your doctor. Some types of antidepressants may also help by increasing or decreasing certain neurotransmitters that may cause headache symptoms. Stress management and proper posture can also play a part in minimizing and eliminating this headache type. If you suffer from migraines of any type, a visit to your doctor should be the first stop to rule out any other problems or conditions, and help you find the right treatment.

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    Dr. Wendell Says:
    I would tend to shy away from the antidepressants as they may cause dependency. I would explore other avenues first. As a tension headache suggests, it is tension (usually from a muscle) that cause the pain. You have to remove the tension and the other recommendations here make a lot of sense. Exercise, stress reduction, chiropractic care, acupuncture and dietary changes should all be examined.