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Slicing Up a Racial Divide: Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian double eyelid surgery has become a very popular cosmetic procedure, and if you have Asian ancestry, you may have considered double eyelid surgery at some point and realized the double eyelid surgery cost. Asian double eyelid surgery can involve more than one and can include an incision, a stitch, or both. Double eyelid surgery cost can be between $1,200 and $4,000, and sometimes even more depending on the specific goal of the double eyelid surgery, the types of procedures used, and the plastic surgeon chosen to perform the job. Usually this is done on an outpatient basis in your doctor’s office with no need for a general anesthesia. Instead you are given IV sedation and numbing injections to keep you comfortable while the procedure is performed.

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

Asian double eyelid surgery is conducted so that your eyes will appear more open and makeup can be applied easily. The eyelid is shaped and folded so that the eyelid has two parts instead of one. This can be done simply by placing stitches to create an eyelid fold, or an incision may be made in the eyelid to help contour the area and create that extra fold. The difference that this surgery can make is astounding, and your eyes will keep their unique ethnic almond shape while becoming larger and more attractive. Eye makeup will appear smoother and is easier to apply. This procedure can make a big difference in the way that you eyes appear and can improve your vision if your eyelids are droopy or hang down.

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