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Double Eyelid Surgery: Why?

Double eyelid surgery, also sometimes referred to as asian double eyelid surgery, is becoming more popular as a type of cosmetic surgery. Why is this procedure so popular though, and what is the double eyelid surgery cost involved? With this procedure a crease is created in the eyelids, giving eyes a look which seems more open and wider. Asians especially seem to want wider eyes, without losing the almond shape. Some women who have had this surgery claim it makes makeup look better when applied to their eyelids, and it is also easier to apply as well. Double eyelid surgery can be considered a cosmetic procedure, especially if the is not done for medical reasons, but there are some situations where this procedure is a legitimate one for a medical condition. One condition is when the eyelids droop so badly that they cover the eyes and block the vision, and many times in this situation any medical insurance will cover the double eyelid surgery cost.

The first double eyelid surgery ever recorded occurred in Japan at the end of the eighteenth century, and this operation is performed in many Asian countries, not just the USA. For most who have the procedure, asian double eyelid surgery is not about looking American, it is about enhancing the eyes and making them wider and more beautiful. This operation is usually done in the office, with a local anesthesia and an IV sedation preparation. After the double eyelid surgery there is some discomfort, and pain medications are usually prescribed to help control this.

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