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Skin Care after Liposuction Surgery

  • Liposuction surgery is a serious procedure that includes serious care afterwards
  • Liposuction skin care involves taking care of the skin around the surgery site to promote the best possible looking skin after the healing process is complete
  • Wound healing is certainly involved after liposuction, as this article will detail measures that should be taken after this special surgery procedure

Liposuction has remained one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery for a long time. However, most people who have never experienced the procedure may be unaware of what needs to be done afterward. Below you’ll find useful information about how to take care of your skin once the procedure is complete so you’ll be happier with the results.

What is Liposuction?

Don’t confuse liposuction surgery with weight loss surgery. That’s a common misconception. In fact, liposuction procedures would be a better post-bariatric surgery treatment because its purpose is to remove fatty deposits in your body and to contour them so they look more visually appealing. The most common targeted areas for the procedure include the thighs, upper arms, under the chin, the hips, and any spot where unwanted tends to accumulate.

Although liposuction is intended to be available only for people who’ve reached a stabilized weight, if you do gain weight later on the extra pounds won’t be deposited in the areas you’ve had treated because the fat cells have been removed.

Post-Liposuction Skin Care

Once you’ve had the procedure, you need to be prepared to follow the physician’s aftercare instructions as well. Failing to do so could end up leading to unsatisfactory results and that’s not something you want.

First, you should be prepared to be bound. Once the liposuction surgery is finished, the areas will be tightly bound. This is important because it helps prevent sagging and damage to the area. Your physician will tell you how long to keep the area bound tightly. It can vary from 2 days to several weeks depending on the area and the preference of the surgeon.

Second, you need to have someone assist you on the day of the removal. Most people feel faint when the material is loosened because of the blood rushing into the area. You don’t want to risk passing out and hurting yourself.

Third, your skin care ritual now begins. Because the area is going to be very itchy and dry thanks to the healing process and the tightly bound garment, you should use petroleum jelly to soothe the area and to prevent itching. You do not want to scratch the area because this can damage the skin and cause an infection.

Finally, you will need to massage the treated areas several times a day. Don’t just gently caress your skin either. You need to do a deep massage. Even though the area may still be healing, the massage won’t hurt because the area will still be numb for several weeks after the procedure. Massaging the skin helps slowly bring back sensitivity to the area while also promoting circulation and healing. Massage can also help prevent wrinkling which can sometimes occur in the skin following liposuction.

Although the skin will be numb, you will probably feel some pain after the surgery. In most cases, the pain is quite bearable and can be reduced with over the counter pain medication. If you have a low pain threshold you may need to discuss this with your surgeon beforehand. He may be able to prescribe something stronger for pain relief.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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