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Serendipity Cafe (Dunedin)

Serendipity Cafe prides itself on being a “dedicated gluten-free facility” which also happens to be free of MSG and high fructose corn syrup. In addition to the standard wraps, smoothies, and salads that accompany most organic eateries, Serendipity throws in a few unique choices like a penne pasta dish and Gramma’s Loaded Pizza, which comes with an array of veggies. Serendipity also features an “After Dark” menu with plenty of vegan dishes, including a turkey meatloaf meal that can be switched to a mushroom veggie loaf for vegans. Like any cafe worth their salt, Serendipity serves breakfast all day long, so you can grab those cornmeal pancakes at any hour of the day. Dinner-goers are even treated to a selection of gluten-free beers including the Dogfish Head Tweason’ale that has hints of molasses, pit fruit, and strawberries. Organic food lovers who dine at Serendipity certainly have a happy fate awaiting them.

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