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Sagging Skin after Weight Loss

Rapid Weight Loss

  • One method for fast weight loss is the surgical cosmetic procedure known as liposuction surgery
  • Sagging skin is often the result of the body losing too much weight too fast. Plastic and reconstructive surgery can help reduce and even eliminate sagging and excess skin after intense weight loss
  • Anti wrinkle skin care, skin tightening creams and cardiovascular exercises are all other methods to helping combat sagging skin

Rapid weight gain or weight loss has a major impact on our skin. This is easy to see due to the fact that the skin is the largest organ of the human body. Our dietary habits directly affect our internal system as well as the external organs and our skin is no exception. After a rapid weight loss, our skin tends to sag and hang.

Sagging skin can be caused by several occurrences, but rapid weight loss is a primary reason. The skin sags because the areas of the body that were once filled with fat have a significantly reduced amount of fat stored under the skin. This often leads to stretxh marks and wrinkles.

Our skin is exceptionally elastic, which becomes more obvious during pregnancy. The skin has exceptional powers of expansion and contraction. When a woman is pregnant, she obviously gains weight. But, as she delivers the child and the region shrinks, the skin tends to loosen up. This leads to sagging and stretch marks. That is why pregnancy skin care is so important.

Skin sagging is a common problem with people who were obese and then succeeded in losing oodles of pounds. Obesity is a disease that’s been ruling the nation for years now. Heredity plays a small role, but improper dietary habits dominate this issue. Some people face several complications while attempting to lose weight.

Weight loss surgeries are a very common practice these days. Though they provide relief, they can have adverse effects on the skin. Weight loss surgeries can also cause rashes, hernias, infections and psychological problems. The change in body size associated with rapid weight loss can also affect self-esteem.

Slow weight loss is a better process as it allows you to take care of the side effects. It can also be achieved almost naturally, with the help of exercise and diet. You can start muscle training and wrinkle reduction procedures whenever you feel your body needs it. But in case of rapid weight loss, it isn’t really possible to focus on the after effects till it has already occurred. Rapid weight loss usually involves surgical procedures, lifestyle changes, weight loss pills, medicines and crash diets.

Skin can be tightened even after weight loss by following some basic rules:

• Exercise daily to tighten your skin and tone the problem areas.

• Introduce proper diet plan and follow it regularly.

• Resistance trainings if done three times a week helps in building new muscles.

• Count your calories.

• Don’t restrict your diet too much; it can have adverse effects on your body.

• Drink plenty of water.

• Follow a slow weight loss routine.

• Consult a doctor for healthy ways of losing weight.

You can also tighten your loose skin after rapid weight loss. Try to:

• Exercise regularly.

• Indulge in strength training exercise.

• Eat proteins and lean poultry.

• Use over-the-counter massage creams for tightening your skin.

• Go for surgical procedures to remove sagging skin.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

One Response to “Sagging Skin after Weight Loss”

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    Harriet Tungsten Says:
    I've tried the OTC massage creams to tighten skin and about all they did for me was smell good and mositurize. But I did keep working out and following a good diet and while I still have a few saggy spots, I'm happy with my figure. Hard work is what it takes.