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Remove Wrinkles – The Most Effective Ways to Reduce Wrinkles – Part 2

If your skin is need of more serious care to remove wrinkles, then you have other options. Choosing the best method to remove wrinkles is really up to you, and certain methods are better for some people than others. Here are the 4 main wrinkle-removal methods available to you:

1) Anti-Aging Skin Products. Most people will use this method for wrinkle removal. Unfortunately, not everyone will have results, because a lot of the products advertised do not really deliver what they promise. It is a time-consuming process to find the right ingredients that will help you slow down aging and that are clinically proven for wrinkle removal. There aren’t a lot of products that contain elastin- and collagen-stimulating ingredients, so it is difficult to remove wrinkles this way. Of course, this way is much cheaper than using other wrinkle-removal methods. It is not painful, and there is no risk of pigment inconsistencies or scarring for your skin, and there in so healing process required. Also, even if these creams don’t help you remove wrinkles, they can, at the very least, make your skin healthier, as they tend to contain plenty of essential oils, moisturizers, antioxidants, and emollients.

2) Face Peels. A dermatologist usually performs chemical peels. In this method the skin is soaked in acid solution, making it really red at first, and then forming a crust over it. After a while, the crust will fall off, and the skin that remains will be improved. Chemical peels give a feeling to the skin, and in that condition, it is able to remove fine lines, wrinkles, pigment inconsistencies, and freckles. It is a painful procedure, however, and the recovery time can be quite long. In some serious cases, it may even lead to permanent pigment changes and scarring.

3) Microdermabrasion. A cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist can perform this one. Apart from reducing the appearance of wrinkles, this method is also used to reduce scar appearance. What happens is microdermabrasion is your skin is literally smoothed out with an instrument, much like a piece of wood is smoothed with sandpaper. Some good results are likely with this method, but it is quite painful to have it done. Also, some skin damage can be caused by chemical peels, such as scarring, redness, and changes in pigmentation.

4) Laser Resurfacing. Once again, a cosmetic surgeon or a dermatologist will perform this procedure. It is usually quite effective, but the chances of side effects like scarring and burning are significant. There may also be some infection or pigmentation changes, so this is process you should thoroughly discuss with your dermatologist before proceeding.

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