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Post Heart Attack Research: Chelation Replaces Megavitamins

Recent studies are showing some rather interesting results regarding post heart attack victims and vitamin use. It seems that the research indicated that a standard regiment of vitamins part of a treatment for post heart attack patients did little or no good, however, chelation has achieved some results.


Chelation is the introduction of a high level of vitamins in combination with special infusions to remove the heavy metals from the body system. Doctors are not quite ready to make this recommendation, as additional research still needs to be done, but preliminary results are promising. The trail, funded by the U.S. National Institute of Health, investigated the chelation process, which is not only expensive, but requires long term infusions. These treatments have been done in a variety of clinics for many years and the study found that there are some modest benefits to the procedure.

Over 1,700 patients were randomly selected; most were already taking a regiment of aspirin and statin or blood pressure medication. The therapy of chelation consists of forty three hour sessions with the IV infusion, spread out over eighteen months, combined with the intake of and vitamins at levels much higher than standard daily recommendations. Of the test and placebo groups, the test group showed that twenty six percent experienced some kind of cardiovascular event such as a heart attack, angina or stroke versus the thirty two percent of the placebo group.

The information is being posted as a topic of interest, with further studies needed, but it may be noted that the chelation process has not been approved by the FDA and many physicians question the process until additional research is done. Thus far, the many people that feel a standard multivitamin is a cure all for heart disease remains as a myth.

Source: http://healthyliving.msn.com/health-wellness/study-mega-vitamins-wont-help-after-heart-attack-chelation-treatment-might

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