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Pink Eye Antibiotics: Your Best Choice for Treating Pink Eye?

Pink eye is one of the most uncomfortable eye problems there is. Morning is the most difficult time because the eyes are matted together from the discharge that hardens during the night. It is impossible to open the eyes until they are totally clean.

Pink Eye Antibiotics

What is it?

Pink Eye is when the membranes of the eyes become extremely red and inflamed. Symptoms include eye pain, redness, swelling and yellow or greenish colored discharge from the eyes..

What Causes It?

Pink eye can be caused by bacteria, a virus or allergies. Pink eye antibiotics are only used for bacterial infections.

Is It Contagious?

Is pink eye contagious? Yes, it is extremely contagious and special care must be taken not to come in direct contact with people who have it. People can pass it on by touching their eyes and then touching other objects. When someone else touches those same objects, the infection passes to them. Doctors recommend staying home and washing your hands frequently until the infection is gone.

What are the cures?

Pink eye antibiotics are the only pink eye cures that work for bacterial pink eye. Pink eye antibiotics are to attack the bacteria and fight off the infection. These antibiotics come in the form of eye drops or ointments. They are applied to the eyes for several days depending on the severity of the infection. A warm washcloth placed on the eyes will help to soften the discharge.

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One Response to “Pink Eye Antibiotics: Your Best Choice for Treating Pink Eye?”

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    Orit Says:
    Personally I'm a fan of the natural way of treating pink eye. Honey and cabbage juice have anti-bacterial powers and can fight infections. Although honey shouldn't be used in infants under 2 years old. There are many more natural home remedies for pink eye.