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Pets Could Use Some Vitamins Too

The companionship provided by domesticated pets holds a special place in human hearts across national divides, creeds and cultures. Putting a family dog or cat to sleep can be just as painful as laying a relative to rest. At some point in our experiences, we have all wanted to somehow elongate the life spans of our pets. Of course, their life spans are all relative and, the last time I checked, immortality is still a myth. However, there are several ways to maximize the time and quality of your pet’s daily life. In fact, these measures and precautions aren’t very different from the ones you might take to ensure your own health.


Any doctor or veterinarian will tell you that diet is essential. This is, of course, true for all living things. The problem with standard pet is that they are all identical despite the spectrum of enticing labels and brands competing for your business. This stuff may taste great to your pet as foods that are fast and fried taste great to us, but the animals are missing out on a myriad of essential vitamins and minerals. This, of course, increases the chances for all kinds of diseases to set in as old age approaches.

According to veterinary homeopath, Dr. Dyanna McCain, “Cancer is now the main cause of death in animals. This is followed by autoimmune diseases, diabetes, thyroid disease and kidney disease. These health problems were rare prior to the 1940s, when pet food and pharmaceutical industries began to get a stranglehold on pet care.”

This lack of nutritional pet food, combined with a series of unnecessary vaccinations for sick animals, is undoubtedly accelerating the death rate of domesticated pets. So, what’s the answer? Actually, there are several.

Switch your dog or cat to a raw diet. This will guarantee the administration of essential vitamins and minerals and allow for proper digestion. In addition, do not let your animal receive a vaccination if it is sick. Last, but not least, try getting your dog or cat on a vitamin supplement. Why should we limit these medicinal tools to humans?
There are several products you can match to your pet’s specific ailment and even more general health preventative supplements to choose from. TIP: Liquid vitamin supplements are especially easy to give to a dog or cat that may squirm at medication time.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.