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Panthenol in Skin Care Products

  • Panthenol is making a name for itself as an exceptionally beneficial sensitive skin care ingredient
  • With the help of a skin moisturizer, panthenol can work as a skin tightening agent to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Next to panthenol’s anti wrinkle skin care and anti aging skin care treatment abilities, it also works well with acne skin care products by helping to reduce the negative side effects of many acne treatment methods such as harsh acne creams

Panthenol, also known as vitamin B5, is becoming more widely known as one of the most beneficial sensitive skin care supplements and cosmetic ingredients available on the market today. It is a highly soluble compound that has many wonderful effects on the skin and hair. It has been used for years in shampoos and conditioners, but has recently been found to have many uses for skin care.

Panthenol, works by being absorbed into the skin. The key with panthenol is keeping that moisture underneath the surface of the skin. This moisture absorption has the effect of “filling out” the area to which it is applied, naturally stretching the skin, erasing fine lines around the eyes and mouth and reducing severity of wrinkles. When used as part of a daily skin care maintenance system, panthenol can make a big difference in the overall look of your skin.

Besides the wrinkle reducing effects that panthenol provides, it has been proven in numerous that panthenol can be used for acne treatment and acne prevention acne prevention. We all know how devastating acne can be for a teenager, and if you get it when you are an adult, a time when you’re supposed to be past that stage of life, acne can be even more disastrous. When you are a teenager, there’s the comfort in knowing that acne is just a phase, something you will eventually grow out of. As an adult, acne can cause much emotional pain and a loss of self-esteem. There are many products available that can help with adult acne, but some have worrisome side effects. Even if you are taking a prescription medicine for acne, a supplement or topical application rich in panthenol, such as a panthenol cream, can help minimize the side effects of these medicines.

Panthenol has also shown to help in the treatment of many skin disorders and afflictions. Medicines that contain panthenol have been used to treat everything from minor skin irritations to major scar damage. Panthenol has many uses and is beneficial in all these ways without having any negative side effects whatsoever. Any over abundance of vitamin B5 that the body doesn’t use is released as waste from the body.

With all the chemicals on the market today that promise perfect and ageless skin through the miracle of modern science, it is good to know that most everything that a chemical can do, a good diet with supplements of natural substances can do even better. The best part is that they usually do this at a much lower cost. Before spending hundreds of dollars on expensive chemical supplements, it may be a smart choice to look to Mother Nature to help with your battle against the aging process.

Be aware especially of the Internet and all its broken promises. While there are good and reputable suppliers to be found online, it is still filled with many pitfalls, such as the fact that many companies aren’t so concerned with the results their products provide as they are with profits.

Panthenol is one of those great substances available naturally that can and will help you find that wonderful natural looking skin that everyone is seeking.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Renee Says:
    Can you give an example of a specific product that contains panthenol? I'd like to do more research before I use a product, but this sounds good. I don't know if diet and exercise can really do the same wonders for your skin though.