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Natural Muscle Building or Steroid Diets?

Natural Muscle Building

  • Steroid diets have many harmful health effects which may not show up for years
  • Natural muscle building is both safe and healthy
  • Natural muscle building methods should be used instead of steroid diets to build lean body mass

There is a competition going on among athletes concerning natural muscle building versus steroid diets, and which way is more effective in increasing athletic performance and lean body mass. This really is no contest when you look at both the short and long term effects, and the risks involved with each method. Steroid use has many risks, besides the risk of arrest and jail because it is illegal to buy, have, or use these drugs without a valid prescription to you from you doctor. Steroid use can also cause serious health consequences, especially when used in large amounts or over an extended time period. These drugs are used to increase athletic performance and build up muscle, while encouraging fat loss at the same time. Sometimes ill health effects from abusing steroids may not show up for many years, and then they can hit.

Taking anabolic steroids to build muscle is a bad idea. These drugs can cause people who take them to suffer from stunted growth, weak bones, tendons, and ligaments due to rapid tissue growth, especially in teenagers, enlarging of the muscles in your heart, mood swings, acne and pimples, aggressive behavior, aches in your muscles, violent thoughts and actions, sudden rages, liver damage and tumors, and many others. Women who abuse steroids may notice that their menstrual cycles become irregular or stop completely, They may also notice hair growth, a deepening voice, and other signs of an increase in their male hormones.

Natural muscle building is a much better way to get the muscle you want and stay healthy at the same time. Eat a diet high in protein and essential fatty acids, but stay away from high sugar foods and foods with a lot of saturated fat. Include complex carbohydrates in your diet instead of simple carbohydrates whenever possible. Drink plenty of water, so your body has the fluid needed for every body process, including muscle building. Your muscles are made up of more than seventy percent water, so not drinking enough of this precious fluid will prevent you from building the maximum possible muscle. Water also helps you body eliminate and other harmful components, so it is needed to help your body stay healthy and efficient. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and add at least two or three cups after every session where you train, and more if you sweat profusely.

Building muscle the natural way is the best way to boost your athletic performance and get the lean body mass that you want. Turning to steroid diets is cheating and can really harm your health now and in the future. In addition, anabolic steroids can become addictive, and can ruin both your health and your life. These drugs may seem like a miracle fast track to the muscular body that you want, but the true fact is that steroids are very harmful and should only be taken when prescribed for a legitimate medical condition. The health risks that these drugs cause can be serious and even life changing. Instead of using illegal drugs, use natural prove ways to boost your muscle instead. It will take a little longer, but the results are a healthy muscular body and a healthy and risk free future, which can not be had if you use steroids. With both strength training and aerobic exercise, along with plenty of water and the proper nutritious diet, you will see definite results in a short time. You do not have to use steroid diets and risk your health to look great, there is a safer and easier way to get the muscle and lean mass you want.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Natural Muscle Building Says:
    This article was a great read. I completely agree that steroids and even most of the supplements out there should not be taken. Building muscle naturally will not only be more gratifying but it will also be a whole lot healthier and safer for your body.