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Female Bodybuilding Workout

Female Bodybuilding Workout

  • There are some differences between a male and a female bodybuilding workout
  • A woman’s bodybuilding workout program needs to include cardio and circuit training elements
  • The bodybuilding schedule should be developed to meet the specific needs of the person with the help of a professional

Women have always strove for better looking bodies through many and varied means. To get the right curves going in the proper places, we have dueled with the tandem of diet and exercise. Many have conquered though a number still have failed. For those who were victorious, the alluring next step was to take those curves a notch higher and get more defined muscles. Thus female bodybuilding workout was born.

Differences between Men and Women’s Workouts

A body building workout for women is really not that distinct from the men’s bodybuilding workout program. The basic exercises are the same, the muscle groups to be developed are very similar but what distinguishes one from the other is the difference in physiology. Testosterone, a naturally produced hormone that is present in both male and female though in different amounts, has an anabolic effect which is responsible for the development of muscle (mass and strength) and bones (density and strength). This hormone is present in the male system in greater amounts than in women. Hence, it is easier for men to increase their muscular size quicker than women and women tend to accumulate fat easier than men. However, this has not stopped a number of women from pursuing a well defined, more muscular physique as evidenced in the success of numerous female bodybuilding championships.

What Exercises Comprise A Female Bodybuilding Workout Program?

Basically, the same as a male’s program – lower body workout for the quads, gluteus, hamstrings, calves and lower back; back and bicep workout for back thickness, back width, shoulders and central back emphasis; and the chest/shoulders and triceps workout that includes pressing, chest and triceps isolation, shoulders and triceps isolation. To tailor fit it to the female bodybuilding workout, special emphasis is given on fat loss exercises.

A bodybuilding schedule should be put in place by a professional bodybuilder or a knowledgeable private coach. For a beginner female bodybuilder, it is best to start easily then progress to a more intense bodybuilding workout program than to put pedal to the metal and risk early injuries.

Pointers for the Program

The female body is more prone to storing fat so it is advisable to put in more cardio exercises and circuit training. Cardio exercises converts more fat to energy while circuit workouts (an almost non-stop succession of workouts) keep the heart rate elevated thus burning calories and fat.

Another important component in building muscles is the resistance training. The muscles respond well to resistance – the heavier the weight, the more it develops. Proper and guided progression in load (or weights), sets and repetitions assure a well maximized workout.

Remember to ensure proper warm up procedures or the whole well thought and planned program will be for naught. This boosts performance and prevents workout injuries. Particular attention must be given to it especially before performing heavy lifts. A run on the cardio machine is ideal.

Keep a out log of all exercises performed, number of sets and reps, what weight was used, the workout times each exercise and the total workout time.

Bodybuilding competitions celebrate the resplendent glory of the human muscular body. To attain such a body requires determination, patience and a lot of hard work (and work outs). If the proper mindset is in place and the proper workout plan is set up, then the only thing needed is that trip to the gym.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.