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Four Clues to See how Long You will Live

We have all asked ourselves the question about how long we might live and usually forget about it as soon as we think of it. It’s part of human survival to think this way but in the past we never thought there would be an answer. Well researchers are finding some simple ways for you to test yourself to see what your chances of longevity might be.


Studies conducted by the Council Unit for Lifelong Health and Aging, combined with the University of London’s Division of Population Health have resulted in what they are calling a meta-analysis list of tasks that just might exhibit your chances of living longer (or not). The list was devised by analyzing tons of data from women and men averaging around the age of 60 and covered decades of research results. A few things came to notice and they developed a baseline guide for testing.

Here are a few things you can do to see how you rate in the longevity scale. How easy is it for you to twist a lid off of a sealed jar? Can you get up from a seated position in a chair easily? How quickly can you walk around the block? Is it easy (or hard) for you to balance on one leg? Researchers found that those people with the likelyhood of living longer could walk faster, had stronger and better grips, had little or no difficulty balancing on one leg and easily rose from a sitting position.

If you experienced problems doing any of these tasks, you might wonder if you can address and improve them through exercise. So far, researchers can’t answer that question nor can they give any indication that improvement would also lengthen your lifespan. As always, they need to do more studies.

Source: http://www.bottomlinepublications.com/content/article/natural-remedies/four-clues-to-estimate-how-long-you-will-live

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