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Natural Cures for Dandruff

There are many natural cures for dandruff, and one can easily tap into them by going online. If you are a dandruff or dry itchy skin on the scalp sufferer, then you do not have to settle for a world filled with expensive cures that do not work. Read on to find out what you can do to put an end to the flaky beast.

Natural Cures For Dandruff

Turning to over-the-counter medicines and other products can sometimes lead to irritation and further aggravation of the skin. This is why natural cures for dandruff and dry scaly skin on the scalp are so appealing; they come without any additives and irritating components and work well to correct dry scaly skin conditions.

Herbs such as rosemary and nettle are ideal to quell a dandruff condition. By mixing 350ml water, 26g rosemary leaves, 10g nettle root, five drops tea tree oil, 20g soft soap and 100ml denatured alcohol, you can make up a really great dandruff shampoo that is highly effective. Apple cider vinegar is also great to use as a rinse.

Natural cures for dandruff such as soap bark and fenugreek seeds work great as well. Soap bark is a natural anti-inflammatory and can soothe an irritated scalp. Even homemade tinctures that contain lime or beet juice can calm dry itchy skin

You can find many other natural and herbal that can help you get control of dandruff and help get your hair and scalp into its best possible condition. Natural remedies are highly effective and are less expensive than most conventional ways to combat dandruff.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Lepotjim Says:
    Some good suggestions in this article for natural dandruff cures. Will try them out (i really need it!). If anyone here has had any successful experience with natural cures, do tell me please