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Keith J. Sparks


Mr. Sparks (Age 46) joined Exodus Energy LLC in 2002 as a Managing Director. Mr. Sparks brings extensive experience in the development, structuring, financing, and management of complex energy infrastructure businesses. Mr. Sparks has worked with and advised institutional investors such as GE Capital, ArcLight, Kingdom Holdings, and several oil majors on direct equity investments across the energy space. Prior to Exodus Energy, Mr. Sparks served as Lead Developer with Enron Corp. responsible for developing and financing energy assets internationally. Many of the transactions initiated or led by Mr. Sparks were first of their kind development projects or financings that continue to perform well despite the absence of local regulatory or legal precedent and/or the presence of historically antagonistic stakeholders. In addition to projects successfully developed in Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean Basin, Mr. Sparks also has skillfully negotiated projects in the most challenging markets in the world including Latin America, the iddle East, Europe, and Asia.


Mr. Sparks is a graduate of Stanford University (A.B. Human Biology) and the University of Texas School f Law (J.D.).


Below is a sample of energy transactions that Mr. Sparks has been involved in since 1994.




  • $1.13 billion development and financing of 1050 MW power project inShoaiba, Saudi Arabia



  • $144.5 million acquisition of Haina hydro and gas-fired powergeneration assets (664 MW nameplate/347 MW available) throughout theDominican Republic



  • $150 million divestiture of 300 MW power asset in Lagos, Nigeria



  • $24 million divestiture of natural gas marketing and trading company



  • $3.5 million acquisition of appalachian gas producer and retail company



  • $25 million acquisition of 116 MW Philippine power generation asset


  • $3.5 million acquisition of 24 MW wind power generation asset in Costa Rica



  • $42 million acquisition of 5 California wind projects



  • $16.3 million monetization of low BTU gas field



  • $37 million acquisition of 52 MW geothermal power asset in California



  • $10 million acquisition of appalachian E&P company



  • $388 million acquisition of a US gas pipeline



  • $180 million acquisition of a North American cross border pipeline



  • $70 million acquisition of 525 MW power generation asset in Puerto Rico


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