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7 Most Visible Signs of Skin Problems During Hormonal Changes

Hormonal Changes

  • Some of the biggest changes in your skin due to hormonal changes
  • Signs of skin problems due to hormones
  • What hormonal changes can do to your skin and what visible effects there could be
  • Some tips and tricks to help your skin when you are going through hormonal changes

It is pretty obvious that as women, we go through a lot of different changes and hormonal changes are definitely one of them. Whether we are having our period, getting pregnant or we are going through menopause, we women have a rollercoaster of hormonal fluctuations throughout our lifetime. All of these hormonal alternations wreak havoc on our skin and cause a variation of situations that we have to deal with.

#1: One of the very first hormonal skin changes is break outs. Whether you just have a few tiny pimples or you have bigger zits that seem to always come in right around your period, this is definitely the first sign of hormonal changes in your skin.

#2: Dry and itchy skin is very common when you are going through pregnancy. You have added another one third more blood into your body as well as stretching the skin from additional baby and regular weight gain.

#3: Greasy or oily skin is another very common trait that you might find when you are either on your period or you are going through menopause. Food contributes a major portion towards an oily skin problem, but hormonal changes kick the oil ducts into overdrive and more oil is secreted from the skin during those times. As menopause approaches, the oil ducts reduce their production and you can experience dry skin as well.

#4: If you are pregnant, one of the most common signs of skin problems that you will ever experience is hyperpigmentation. In short, it basically means that some of the skin around the nipples, armpits, face and even some scars or birthmarks will get darker during pregnancy. Some of this will fade after the birth of the baby and the body returns to a non-pregnant condition.

#5: Less elasticity is something that happens whenever a woman is going through some type of hormonal changes as well. Not only will this increase wrinkles but it also will make the skin paler and the flesh itself is a bit more fragile.

#6: One of the biggest and noticeable changes that women are constantly trying to bring back is that glow that seems to happen on fresh and new skin. Hormones and skin do not go together, they are more like oil and water and when you involve hormones in your skin, it is bound to make it lose its glow!

#7: Finally, the seventh sign of hormonal changes coming through your skin is another kind of break out, this one happens over the tops of your arms and all over your back. Pimples usually happen on your face, when you are dealing with hormones they can come out anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes they are combined with dirt and sweating, but hormonal changes can add additional problems so that you experience an increase in the breakouts.

There are many different ways to handle some of these signs. Anti-acne treatments now are better than ever and there are so many different creams out there to help with keeping your skin young and fresh.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Anne Says:
    sometimes i get dull skin condition before period or sometimes after period. how can i get rid from that? what are the remedies? normally i have a glowing skin and this dullness continues for nearly one week. please advise