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How to Stop Itching from Ant Bites – Updated article with extra information on any bites treatment

Only a few varieties of ants will actually bite people. These include acrobat carpenter, and red fire ants. The bite of these ants is venomous, but this is hardly ever serious. However, these bites may be extremely itchy and cause a lot of discomfort. The skin in the bite area may also be surrounded with various small red marks.

For the ant bites treatment, before you apply any medications to them, you have to thoroughly wash the area with soap and cool water. This will minimize the risk of it getting infected. You should also refrain from scratching as much as you can, because excessive scratching may lead to infections. You should apply topical medications only when the area is clean. These medications include Benadryl, calamine lotion, or a variety of other itch-treatment products that are sold over the counter. If you have ant bites all over, it may be wise to go see your doctor for an antihistamine prescription or topical ointment, which are stronger types of ant bites treatment.

Fire ant bites treatment is quite different. Fire ants are very aggressive, much more so than other types of ants. That’s why a single fire ant can attack you eight times and inject venom into each new bite that it makes. After these bites, your primary concern will not be the itching. It will be an extreme burning sensation. People who have stepped onto a fire ant mound accidentally, report that after getting multiple bites they felt as if their entire bodies were on fire. Hence the name – fire ants. However, after about an hour the burning sensation should subside. Then the area of the skin that was stung will be covered with red bumps with white pustules on them. They will be accompanied by swelling, itching, and redness, which will be present for a few days thereafter.

Besides the regular ant bites treatments, you may want to try a combination of bleach and water as a home remedy. Mix one part bleach with one part water and apply the mixture to the bites. This method has demonstrated to be effective against the venom, which is what causes the burning sensation and the itching, and it can be found right in your kitchen. Some people may have more serious problems with fire ant bites. There is about one percent of the population that is allergic to the venom, and they can exhibit a reaction called anaphylaxis, which is very serious and can be fatal if it does not receive immediate treatment. Its symptoms include faintness, swelling or pain in other parts of the body besides the bites, and shortness of breath. If you experience any of these symptoms, you must see your doctor immediately.

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    Doris Says:
    The article talks about applying bleach to your skin as a method of treatment. Isn't that dangerous in other ways and wouldn't it be harmful to your skin in the long run? Does anyone know?