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Heart Attack Signs may be Easily Missed

Heart attack symptoms come in a variety of areas, and not just the well-known. Men and may experience heart attack signs differently, but there are some important symptom combinations that can actually save your life.

Heart Strike

Typical heart attack signs include a tightness or pressure in the chest area, angina can be experienced in the neck, back, jaws, throat, arms or shoulders. Some of the other signs to look for include shortness of breathe, sweating, dizziness or a feeling of fainting, nausea a faster heartbeat as well as an irregular feeling heartbeat. Additional signs that may be an alert are: a feeling of indigestion or feeling full and extreme weakness.

Given the gamut of possible symptoms, it’s easy for someone to overlook the possibility that they may be experiencing a heart attack. However, the combinations of symptoms is the red flag.


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