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Differences between Viral and Bacterial Infections

Viral and Bacterial Infections

  • Viruses, for example, are unable to reproduce themselves. Bacteria, on the other hand, actually are cells.
  • Because viruses and bacteria are different, infections and illnesses caused by them must be treated in different ways. In terms of medication, viruses are treated with anti-viral medications while antibiotics are used for bacterial infections.
  • Since you can’t always make sure that people do their part in avoiding spreading infections, you be sure to gird up your immune system to combat anything that comes your way. Check out products like Echinacea/Goldenseal w/Org. Alcohol, Ester C 500mg and Sambucus Immune Support/AF to give your immune system the boost it needs.

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    kayla Says:
    I am coughing up green mucas and i have a runny nose and i caugh a lot what could this mean if you know email me at mlaird38@gmail.com Thanks
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    u1225 Says:
    Human papillomavirus type 16 exists in bacteria isolated from cervical cancer biopsies.