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Can you Really Reduce the Pain of Pregnancy? Top 5 Recommendations

I was always in awe of my grandmother that had six kids and gave birth to all of them in her home. There are some women that love being pregnant because they don’t really seem to experience any pain at all. There are others, like myself, that just seemed to be uncomfortable, constantly had something wrong and couldn’t wait until it was over. Now there are some new recommendations that could help those new moms-to-be of today.

pregnant pain

The top complaints of pregnancy include bloating, back ache, and pain in your feet, hands and fingers. Doctors will tell you it’s because you are producing a myriad of hormones as well as about fifty more blood flow. If you experience pain in your hands, try wearing a wrist band. The same kind worn for volley ball. Make sure it’s not too tight because you need good circulation. You can also curl your fingers and move your wrists in a circular motion.

Your doctor probably already told you this but cut WAY back on your salt intake. Salt makes you retain fluids and you are already retaining enough. To reduce water retention naturally, eat grapefruit or asparagus. If you are experiencing swelling of the hands, feet and legs, this is called edema and it’s due to all of the excess blood flow. Try elevating your legs. You can also wear compression hose or stockings. These keep the circulation going but don’t allow fluids to pool in areas of the body. Drink at least eight ounces of water, eight times a day. The water actually helps to flush out excess fluids.

If you are experiencing leg cramping, try doing stretches before you retire or lay down. A warm heating pad can also help as well as some deep breathing exercises.

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