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Birth Control Patch Recall: Dangers of Using the Birth Control Patch

As a result of the death of 23 young women, a birth control patch lawsuit was filed asking for a birth control patch recall. Birth control patch death has been primarily caused from severe and secondly from heart attacks and strokes.

In the beginning, the patch was thought to be a simple, convenient, trouble-free method of birth control, but it has turned into a dangerous, death causing method for many young women. The patch releases up to 60 percent more estrogen into the bloodstream than oral contraceptives.

The most common side effect is severe blood clots, with many of these leading to heart attacks or strokes. Statistics show that a woman using the birth control patch is three times more likely to die than a woman who uses birth control pills.

The birth control patch recall was never put into effect. The FDA simply required the companies responsible for producing the patches to put out a consumer warning about the severe health risks and side effects. It has now been revealed that the FDA knew about these risks before releasing the patch, but did not inform the doctors or the public.

Lawyers continue to ask any families whose wives or daughters have died after using the patch or have experienced severe side effects to please contact them. The hope of many is that this will eventually result in a permanent birth control patch recall, and many lives will be saved.

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