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Auriculotherapy: Stimulation of the Ear Auricle for other Body Parts Health Condition Treatment


  • Auriculotherapy has a long and diverse history, ranging from ancient China, ancient Persia, and ancient Egypt
  • The process involves stimulating reflex points on the ear to bring about health improvements
  • Some insurance companies may cover some portion of the treatment in specific situations

Auiculotherapy is an ancient practice that millions swear by as a great way to treat health problems all over their bodies. Related to acupuncture and sometimes performed as a form of that Chinese method, this therapy has been growing in popularity in the United States.

Auriculotherapy History

Like acupuncture, auriculotherapy dates back to ancient China. The practice was actually combined with acupuncture in the definitive text on these practices that was written around 500 BC. However, that practice was narrower than what is commonly practiced today. Some of what we’ve learned about the process has come from ancient Rome and Greece where similar techniques have been practiced and recorded. Records from ancient Persia and throughout medieval Europe show that auriculotherapy was also frequently used as a medical treatment with great success.

However, just because a treatment was used thousands of years ago does not make it an appropriate method for modern times. That’s why practitioners base much of their methods on the word of Dr. Paul Nogier who was researching this type of therapy in France during the 1950’s.

His interest in the process became sparked when he noticed a scar on the ears of a few patients. When he asked them about the scar, he heard the same story: the patients had suffered from horrible and a local woman had cauterized that part of their ear as a treatment for the pain. All of them agreed that her technique had been a success.

To help his patients, he tried similar procedures and found similar positive results. He then began expanding his treatment with the ear to see if stimulating other points on the ear could relieve additional pain and health problems. He was amazed by his discoveries.

The Practice Itself

The modern practice of auriculotherapy typically does not involve cauterization of points on the ear. Instead, mild electrical stimulation is often used to create the desired impact. A related procedure known as auricular acupuncture involves the use of acupuncture needles placed in parts of the ear.

Because Dr. Nogier discovered that the ear includes hundreds of reflex points which are connected to almost every part of the body. By stimulating the right part of the ear, you’ll be able to make amazing health changes in individuals’ health. Almost every health condition from sinus infections to back pain to PMS to drug addiction can supposedly be helped using this practice.

Most patients will have treatments received 2 to 3 times per week. The treatments do not take long (15 to 30 minutes at most) and do not cause any negative side effects so patients can return immediately to work in most cases. After six weeks, relief should be noticeable. After twelve weeks of repeated treatments, most patients report feeling a great deal of relief.

Insurance Coverage

Auricular acupuncture is not likely to be covered by most insurance plans because very few have recognized the health benefits of acupuncture on any part of the part, particularly the ear. However, if the coding for auriculotherapy is done as neurostimulation, many will cover the costs under your policy. You may want to check with your practitioner and your insurance company before beginning your treatments.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Paula Says:
    This sounds like an intriguing practice. I have terrible PMDD and I cannot always afford my medication so I intend to see if there is someone around where I live that does this. Thanks for the information.