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Strength Training Exercise Tips Tailored for Women – Part 2

In the previous article we talked about general tips on strength training for women. In this second part we present you with actual strength training exercises for women to target muscle groups they complain about frequently. Here are the 4 main strength training exercises that will cover almost every part of your body including your belly, abs, butt, thighs, shoulders, and arms.

1. Dumbbell curls. This type of strength training for women is excellent if you want your arms to be toned but not too bulging. The weight you lift shouldn’t be too heavy, but repetition is important. Your goal should be 15 of these per set, and 10 for strength training for beginners. To do the exercise you should take 10lb dumbbells, keeping your arms at both sides. Your palms must face outwards. Your knees should be bent slightly and shoulder-width apart. Lift the weights up and exhale. Then inhale when you lower the weights. Curls can be done in 3 sets.

2. The ball crunch. This one lets you do crunches in the correct way, where you won’t get a sore neck. You can also have several variations in this workout to strengthen your abs. To do this exercise you will need a stability ball, so that you can align your knees and your ankles. Bring your knees apart to about the width of your hips. When leaning back for the first crunch, your upper body should align with the knees. Then take your body up about 45 degrees from the initial position and exhale when you lean back again.

3. Leg Curls. You should begin with your right knee and both forearms on the floor. Your should be in alignment with your neck and head, and your knees should be right below your hips. Your left leg is stretched out. Bend the left leg naturally and exhale. Then straighten the left leg back out and inhale as you’re doing it. You should repeat 3 sets of this exercise, preferably with about 15 repetitions per leg (10 if you are doing strength training for beginners).

4. The Lateral Raise. To begin, your feet should be shoulder-width apart, and your hips should be aligned with your feet. Then, lift the weights up to your shoulder with your elbow up, make a small pause, then lower the weights to their starting position, inhaling. To perform this exercise correctly, your shoulder should feel the strain, as it is the one doing the lifting.

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