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5 Ways to Prevent Cellulitis

As discussed in previous articles, Cellulitis is a bacterial infection under the skin. It easily become lethal if it is left untreated. When bacteria penetrates beyond the outer layer of skin, most often through a wound, it can can inflame the skin and spread. Cellulitis can also occur due to a weakened system. If you have diabetes, alcoholism or any other condition that threatens your immune system take special precautions as infection can occur without broken skin and can become severe. Cellulitis usually begins as a red area around a wound that is sensitive to touch and often painful. Preventing Cellulitis can be done easily by following these steps.

Natural Methods For Cellulitis Treatment

1.Protect Your Skin

Since Cellulitis often spread through a wound, the best preventative measure you can take is to properly protect your skin. If you are going to play outdoors make sure you wear pants and always wear shoes. This is especially important for dangerous activities like rollerblading, horseback riding and any other activity where it is easy to fall and wound yourself. Also if you are hiking in the forest make sure you are well covered to avoid scratches and other injuries.

2.Antibiotic Soap

Any cut, scrape or wound of any size or severity should be cleaned with antibiotic soap as soon as possible to prevent Cellulitis. This will kill any bacteria before it enters the wound and cause and kind of infection. Make sure to continue to keep you skin cleaned until the wound has properly healed, especially between switching bandages.

3.Topical Antibiotic

Once you have cleaned your wound with antibiotic soap it is important to put topical antibiotic on the cut before you use a bandage. Topical antibiotic can be bought at any local drugstore. Make sure to change the bandage frequently and to add more topical antibiotic until the wound is healed. If the bandage becomes wet or dirty in any way make sure to change it immediately.

4.Avoid Swimming

If you have an open wound stay clear of both fresh and salt water. The bacteria in the water can easily penetrate the wound causing infection. It is best to wait until your wound is completely healed before swimming in any water.

5.Visit Your Doctor

If the wound is serious or you feel that despite cleaning the wound and adding topical antibiotic it is getting worse make sure you see a doctor. They can prescribe stronger antibiotics that can kill the infection before it gets worse. Just remember that it is important to have it treated as quickly as possible. The longer you wait the higher the chance of infection and the greater the chance that Cellulitis will spread and become serious.

Cellulitis is a serious matter, especially for those who have compromised immune systems and in children. Complications from Cellulitis can lead to meningitis and blood poisoning.

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    Margaret Says:
    Are there any outer conditions that would make cellulitis more likely? Also, are certain individual more prone to this kind of infection than others? Why would this be?