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Alcohol Rehabilitation Naturally

  • Natural methods are being more and more incorporated in the treatment for alcoholism, as medical drugs have become stronger and harsher on the body’s already weakened and immune compromised system
  • Through the incorporation of vitamins, supplements, herbs, and exercise, there is help for alcoholism patients and recovery can be successful
  • Alcoholism intervention is necessary in the prevention of liver cirrhosis. With prolonged alcoholism drinking, cirrhosis can set in and it becomes impossible to bounce back to normal even after patients have received adequate alcoholism rehab
  • Alcoholism America rates are on the rise and the alcoholism Europe rate is not far behind. If more effective therapy does not occur we could be facing a worldwide epidemic

Here are a few options patients undergoing alcohol addiction treatment have when desiring a more natural approach to the treatment of alcoholism:

Alcohol Rehabilitation

1.Vitamin or Supplement Therapy

Various vitamins and supplements have been recognized as more natural approaches in alcohol rehabilitation. Researchers and practitioners agree that supplements and vitamins can actually counteract withdrawal symptoms and speed up alcohol addiction treatment and recovery times. The alcoholism America rate is on the rise and a more cost effective and accessible treatment plan must be available in order for the country to see a reverse of the trend that is occurring.


Incorporated within traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture can be a helpful component in drug and alcohol rehabilitation when accompanied with other natural or medical means of alcoholism rehab. Help for alcoholism is available and patients do not need to reinvent the wheel. Looking at ancient Chinese medicine could be a missing link in alcohol addiction treatment.

3.The Acorus Herbal Remedy

Herbs are known around the world to act as remedies for many problems, including alcoholism intervention and addiction recovery. Alcoholism drinking is on the rise. Acorus is one of those helpful herbs that stimulate alcohol rehabilitation as it affects the brain during withdrawals. Also known for its assistance in withdrawals from heavy drugs like cocaine and heroin, this herb offers a great help for those undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation as well. During the first ten days of withdrawal, alcohol detox brings about nausea, vomiting, and shakes. The Acorus herb can inhibit symptoms during this acute stage brought about by alcoholism drinking.

4.Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle offers help for alcohol addiction treatment. The herbs’ seeds have been used in alcoholism Europe patients for decades as protection for the liver. The herb contains silymarin, which guards the liver against toxins like alcohol. includes taking milk thistle extract on a daily basis as part of the alcohol rehabilitation plan.

5.Medical Exercises

Medical exercises such as tai-chi and qi-gong are suggested as appropriate help for drug and alcohol rehabilitation patients. These exercises teach discipline, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods. The benefits of exercise are commonplace but especially important in patients looking for a means of assistance during the rough stages of rehab.

6.Kudzu Herbal Remedy

Another helpful herb in the treatment for alcoholism is Kudzo. This herb is a natural help for alcoholism in that it actually curbs the urge to consume alcohol. Research is ongoing with this herb but scientists have acknowledged that with Kudzo’s assistance the body is able to strengthen the liver’s ability to eliminate toxins from the body’s system. This benefit supplies a great deal of help for alcoholism patients. Common detox drugs like Antabuse and Revia bring about violent side effects that can ultimately cause damage to the liver and making alcohol abuse treatment a losing battle.

There are many choices when it comes to the treatment of alcoholism. By combining natural herbal therapies with medical means if necessary, the success rate in the treatment for alcoholism can dramatically increase.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

2 Responses to “Alcohol Rehabilitation Naturally”

  1. 1
    Bruce Says:
    Acupuncture is an interesting one. How exactly does it go about treating alcoholism? I know everything is connected in the body, but I'm still a bit skeptial about how a bunch of needles are supposed to rid you of alcohol cravings.
  2. 2
    Jonathan Says:
    Acupuncture is an interesting one. How exactly does it go about treating alcoholism? I know everything is connected in the body, but I'm still a bit skeptial about how a bunch of needles are supposed to rid you of alcohol cravings.