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5 Best Probiotic Foods you Haven’t Heard About.

Probiotic foods have been a hot topic in the healthcare industry for a while now. We know the typical foods where probiotics can be found, the most obvious of which is yogurt. However, there are a number of probiotic products out there that you probably have never heard or even thought about. Here are five of these products, which, quite possibly are the best probiotic foods.

5 Best Probiotic Foods You Haven

1) Natto. This is a kind of soybeans that have been fermented, and it’s one of the probiotic foods the Japanese have enjoyed for a long time. It is easy to find in most Asian stores, and can be enjoyed with rice. Just mix it thoroughly with soy sauce and rice before eating. Natto can also be found nowadays in sushi, salad, and even burritos!

2) Kimchi. This is a popular pickled dish that is widely consumed in Korea, but it has also been embraced in many countries outside Korea. It consists of a main ingredient, which is usually cabbage, and seasoned with spices like ginger, garlic, onion, fish sauce, salt, radish, carrot. Any and every one of these ingredients may be used, according to taste. When it is all mixed, it is left to ferment for as little as a couple of days to as long as a couple of weeks. The fermentation process makes it one of the best probiotic foods you can find.

3) Sauerkraut. This is another one of the best probiotic products you can find, and it is the European version of kimchi. The difference is the spices and seasonings used in its preparation. Sauerkraut is generally simpler than kimchi, using just shredded cabbage and salt. It is produced by allowing the cabbage to get fermented by itself, without having to add vinegar, etc. for over two weeks. Sauerkraut goes with many dishes and is often served in European restaurants as a side dish. It can be combined with a lot of different foods, which makes it easy to consume.

4) Kefir. This is a great example of probiotic foods and it is a popular drink enjoyed in various countries in Europe, including Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Finland, and Romania. It is created by mixing milk with kefir grains and letting it ferment for about 24 hours. This fermentation process breaks down the milk’s lactose, which is why it is acceptable for the lactose intolerant to drink kefir. You can drink kefir in similar ways as milk, and it can be added to smoothies, sauces, and dressings.

5) Miso. Back to Japan for our next unexpected probiotic food. Miso is made by fermenting a mixture of barley, soybeans, brown rice, and a number of other grains. The fermentation process varies greatly in length and can take a few days to some two years to finish! The most popular way to consume miso is in a soup, which is quite easy to make. Just mix a tablespoon of miso with hot water, which already contains seaweed, tofu, and other ingredients you might like. Stir and enjoy!

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