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Caring for Your Hair: Naturally

Let’s face it. We were probably all raised on the idea that we have to wash our hair every single day to achieve that special clean and fresh hair style and look. When you interview the top stylists of the country, the first thing they say is that your hair should not be washed with soap every day. And that’s just one of their tips.


I watched my sister as she blasted her hair with everything that she could find. Hot rollers, blow drying and styling every day was offset by whatever expensive products she could buy at the salon. She lathered these on to try to keep her hair balanced, and instead, she turned what was once beautiful hair into something comparable to straw. Just before she was to get married she went to a high end salon and the stylist brought the owner over. They point blank said they couldn’t do anything with her hair as it is and wanted to cut it and help her learn how to have naturally looking hair as it grew out.

Natural hair care begins with using less product and making the selection of your products very carefully. Certified organic hair products are the best and if you must use heating items, use ironic dryers and irons. Washing your hair with detergent based, toxic products removes the hairs natural oils. This causes dried out hair that breaks and lacks the natural sheen we are born with. Some of the best tips for natural hair care also include adding a shower filter to remove the harsh chemicals in the water as well as a beer hair treatment for bounce and shine. Additional natural hair care treatments include using jojoba or sesame oil, massaged for ten to fifteen minutes before shampooing it out – or even leaving it in overnight. You can add nine to twelve drops of essential oils such as lavender, geranium rose or rosemary to help bring a whole new glow to your hair.


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