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Top No Load Mutual Funds to Avoid

Mutual funds are a great way to invest, but there are top no load mutual funds to avoid. The advantage of mutual funds is their diversification and the fact they are managed by professional mutual fund managers. The best no load mutual funds are ones that have experienced managers who have a track record of success. When considering a mutual fund, the top no load mutual funds to avoid are ones that have managers who have performed poorly in the past and have not performed well over the last five years.

investing is becoming more common and the future of green mutual funds looks bright. Since the future of green mutual funds looks good, try to find a fund with green companies. Green investing is projected to be a $260 billion industry, so it’s likely that the best no load mutual funds will have a green component to them and that the top no load mutual funds to avoid will not have green companies as part of the portfolio.

Top no load mutual funds to avoid are ones that don’t have a mix of the right types of investments that are ideal for you. If you’re close to retirement age, you would not want to invest in stocks of small upstart companies that could potentially lose money quickly. Likewise, if your time horizon is long then you would want to invest more heavily in high risk stocks. This is because any losses accrued can be made up; although not perfect it is still an option. Here’s a quick list of the worst performing funds of 2012:

1. Vanguard Developed Markets Index Inv

Took an annual of almost 14% for 2010.

2. Winslow Green Growth Fund

Selected some green companies with too high of debt and got burned in 2008. Down 8% in 2010.

3. Vanguard Total Intl Stock Index Inv

It took a hit of almost 14% in 2010.

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