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What are the worst mutual funds?

The worst mutual funds over the last decade or so may surprise many people, because there are some well known and highly respected names associated with these choices. A big reason for this is that the economic slowdown hit Wall Street hard, and many mutual funds are still trying to recover from the problems they have experienced. The firms rated the worst mutual funds over the last decade is led by Fidelity Growth Strategies, and this choice is really struggling with a change of a negative sixty seven percent. This is the worst fund of them all where performance is concerned, but that does not mean this may not be a good investment choice for some. Eventually most experts predict that these funds will turn their performance around, and when that happens investors who came into the game when the market was down will profit the most. Vanguard U.S. Growth is another of the worst mutual funds according to Business Week. The change for this investment was a negative fifty percent, and this fund rated second on the list.

Some of the other worst mutual funds listed include Putnam New Opportunities and Columbia Select Large Cap Growth. These funds had a change that was more than forty percent on the negative side, while SEI Large Cap Growth saw this number at negative forty percent. All of the investments listed as the worst mutual funds all shared some common factors. When the market crashed a few years ago, many investors started selling and the sector was hit especially hard. All of them, the best and worst mutual funds, took a hard hit. Some of the bigger funds were hit harder because of their bigger size and larger number of investors, so it is taking them longer to recover than smaller choices. Other known and trusted names on the list include MFS Growth and Janus Enterprise, both investment choices that are popular with many investors.

Since 2008 many investors have stopped choosing equities and mutual funds, and this is one of the main reasons that the worst mutual funds have seen such a dismal performance lately. Until investors are confident in this sector again then the performance of these funds will suffer, and this means most investors will stay away. Some investors will still choose to buy though, in the expectation that these investments will eventually turn around and become profitable again. Others to make the top 10 worst mutual funds were Putnam Investors, Seligman Growth, and AIM Constellation, all of which showed a performance of negative thirty seven percent. Whether you are looking at bond, stock, or other mutual funds, almost all have seen a big decline in performance. Any of these investment types are still risky, but many investors are starting to buy in again and that may help improve market performance in the long run. Investors who held shares of the worst mutual funds lost money, many of them a substantial amount, and this has made many shy to trust these investment vehicles again.

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