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Top 10 Offshore Mutual Funds

  • can offer investors a number of benefits that other funds can not
  • Emerging market funds may involve more risks but also a chance for better returns
  • Asset allocation funds, which are offshore mutual funds, can help you watch your principal grow significantly

1. Credit Suisse Bond Fund US$ A

This fund is one of the top international mutual funds, and it invests in bonds which have high quality but at times will invest in stable medium quality bonds as well. This fund mostly trades in securities based on the United States dollar. Based in Luxembourg, this offshore mutual fund has been around for almost twenty years, making it very stable.

2. Invesco Bond US D A

This offshore mutual fund is one of the asset allocation funds which can help invest your capital successfully. Based in Dublin, this fund invests in global bond securities, including those investments considered by emerging market funds. Started in 1992, this offshore mutual fund has a long history of success, which makes it a terrific investment for most.

3. CS SIVAC II Bond US$ B Fund

This is one of the most popular international mutual funds for investors, and with good reason. It is one of the emerging market funds, which means that the returns may be higher. Keep in mind that this fund is not for the conservative investor who does not want to take any risks. For all others, it is one of the best ten offshore funds out there.

4. Fidelity Advisor World US Dollar Money L Fund

Backed by the well known Fidelity name, this is one of the asset allocation funds which is located in Bermuda. This fund intends to preserve the principal of investments while keeping them liquid, yet maximizing returns at the same time. It is one of the top ten mutual funds to invest in.

5. Fidelity Advisor World US Dollar Money A Fund

This fund is similar to the last one, but one of the goals of this specific Fidelity fund is to keep the NAV-per-share constant at exactly one dollar. This fund has a solid history of performance and is one of the most commonly used among professional investors and advisors.

6. Eaton Vance Emerald St High Quality Fund Inc A1 USD

This fund is one of the better known international mutual funds, and the investment strategies used do not extend longer than three years. Investments include fixed income instruments in US dollar denominations that are high quality and shorter term. This fund has a performance history well above normal, which is why it is one of the best.

7. BNY Mellon Global Bond A USD Fund

This is one of the mutual funds that includes emerging market funds, and it is located in Dublin. This fund is an offshore fund, and the goal is to maximize your investment return and the growth of your capital while keeping the level moderate. This fund primarily invests in global securities and derivatives.

8. BNP Paribas InstiCash USD I Fund

This fund is one of the best asset allocations funds used by investors in offshore mutual funds. Domiciled in Luxembourg, this fund focuses on high daily liquidity and principal value preservation, making it a great investment for anyone looking at offshore mutual funds. It is simply one of the best funds around for a number of investors.

9. Franklin US Government A Mdis USD Fund

If you are considering international mutual funds for investing, one of the top ten is the Franklin US Government A Mdis USD Fund out of Luxembourg. This fund is based on US currency, and the investments made are in US Government securities and other United States governmental agency investments. This fund has lower risks, because these agencies are unlikely to default.

10. Credit Suisse Money Market Fund US$ B Fund

This money market offshore mutual fund carries the trusted Credit Suisse name and is a high quality mutual fund that delivers both performance and security. This fund is one of the top ten because of its stability and history. This fund has operated since 1984 and has a great track record.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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