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Top 10 Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplements – Updated Article With a List of Cholesterol Lowering Foods.

Maintaining a proper and healthy cholesterol level is very important. It reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Instead of using heavy medicines, one should use natural cholesterol lowering supplements because it has fewer side effects as compared to prescribed medicines. Let’s take a look at the top ten natural supplements and cholesterol lowering foods ideal for sufferers of high cholesterol:

Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

*Barley: Barley eaten in whatever form helps bring cholesterol levels back to normal as it is rich in soluble fiber. This is considered as one of the very best because it has no side effects at all.

* Cholestin: According to Chinese studies, cholestin is the most effective supplement for controlling cholesterol levels. It is made of fermented red yeast rice. It can reduce cholesterol by an amazing 20%.On the other hand, the US doesn’t approve it because they claim that the ingredients found in it are used in their prescription drugs.

*Garlic: Including garlic in your diet helps keep a lower cholesterol level. However, it should not be taken with any blood thinning medicine.2 to 3 cloves of garlic should be consumed in the morning on empty stomach.

*Fish Oil: Another natural supplement for healthy cholesterol is fish oil. Research has proven that including Omega3 fish oil supplements in your diet helps lower bad cholesterol.

*Phytosterols: This is another famous natural supplement for cholesterol reduction. Phytosterols is getting popular among heart patients as it is easily available in a lot of consumer products like almonds, cashew nuts, oranges, cabbages and olive oil.

*Artichoke Extracts: Artichoke leaf extract is also one of the top ten supplements for reducing cholesterol. It not only helps in lowering cholesterol, but in digestion too. Research shows that a lot of people have gained their desired result by using Artichoke extract. However, patients who are allergic to artichokes should obviously avoid it.

*Green Tea Extracts: Green tea is also helpful in controlling cholesterol levels. Not only does it control cholesterol levels but it also helps to fight depression.

*Flaxseed: This seed helps to curb high cholesterol. It is highly recommended not to use flaxseed with any blood thinning medication without your doctor’s advice.

*Psyllium: Psyllium can be found in products like seed husk and metamucil. It is also very effective for maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.

*Sitostanol: Sitostanol is a chemical found in plants which helps keep a normal yet healthy cholesterol level. It is mainly found in Margarine.

*Water: Water is another natural supplement for high cholesterol. It is advised to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis if you’re suffering from high cholesterol.

We should also not underestimate the role of proper sleep and regular exercise in balancing cholesterol levels. It is therefore advised to include good sleeping and exercise habits to ensure a safe, healthy and long life.

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