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The Israeli company that will save the world from drought

Stock investor information: For years, IDE (Israel Desalination Enterprises) has been developing reverse osmosis technology, which is now able to produce one cubic meter of water for around 60 US cents. This is significantly lower than the price per cubic meter of existing plants.

If you invest in stocks, it would be worth you looking further into this company and the Israeli desalination industry as a whole. Avshalom Felber, the president and CEO of IDE reported that they now have an annual growth of 30% to 40% in the desalination market as a result of the demand in countries such as the U.S., India, Spain and China,” IDE Technologies is a company with an incredibly bright future, which is has the potential to banishing water shortages and drought from the world. This is a goal that has been pursued by many countries for decades, and the technology is reaching a level where it has become economically feasible.

Israel is already one of the world leaders in desalination. A $200 million plant constructed by IDE and France’s Veolia Water is supplying Israel’s southern Negev region with a large proportion of their drinking water.
“The water industry is where the telecommunications industry was 20 years ago, highly regulated and on the verge of a major change,” said Ori Yogev, chairman of Waterfront. Ori’s goal is for Israel to become the water technology’s equivalent of Silicon Valley.

The water industry’s technology segment is growing at nearly 15% per annum. Israeli companies that focus on desalination, and water purification are witnessing a jump in sales of 30% a year.

The massive potential of this industry has already attracted the attention of multinational corporations such as GE (NYSE: GE), Dow Chemical (NYSE: DOW) and Siemens (NYSE: SI),

Recently, IDE opened its newest desalination plant. It nearly half a billion dollars to build and has a large network of pipes that reach far into the sea. This enables the plant to desalinate around 33 billion gallons of water per year.
This is the third of five such plants that will dot Israel’s coastline. These plants will eventually provide two thirds of the country’s drinking water.

It is located in the northern city of Hadera, and is the largest reverse osmosis facility in the world, It takes water from the Mediterranean Sea and turns it into fresh water that is enough to meet the requirements of one in every six Israelis.

Once these companies monopolize the world’s water supply, and if the technology continues to develop like it has over the last decade to make desalination less energy sucking, then they may well be making profits that would make the oil companies blush.

For more information go to businessweek.com.

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