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Strength Training Exercise Tips Tailored for Women – Part 1

Strength training exercises are generally regarded as something for men, but few realize that strength training for women is just as important. If you build up your muscles, then you reduce the risk of general injury, especially if you must have a long break between your workouts. Strength training exercises also help protect you from osteoporosis, because it increases bone density. This is a two part article, and in the first part I have given you some general strength training tips. In article two, I have explained some of the most effective strength training exercises.

Strength Training Exercise Tips Tailored for Women - Part 1

Unfortunately strength training for women is not nearly as widespread as it should be, since it is considered predominantly a ‘manly’ thing to do weight training. Women don’t have enough testosterone for building huge muscles, but they get themselves toned and improve their health as a result.

General strength training tip 1.

The key to weight training, especially strength training for beginners is to do the right exercises, as well as to have a dose of aerobics and a sensible diet. Most women don’t do this correctly, spending countless hours on treadmills or doing thousands of repetitions on a limited number of muscle groups. None of this alone will lead to a properly toned, defined body. Strength training must be comprehensive, inclusive of all the major muscle groups, and must go hand in hand with aerobic exercises and the right diet.

General strength training tip 2.

The key for strength training for beginners is to do exercises that simulate your daily activities, such as using your body weight. Firstly, such exercises use the muscles you want to target. For example, doing lunges will challenge the core muscles you use every day, i.e. your lower back and abdominal muscles, as well as your legs. Also, these exercises challenge your coordination, and that has a lot of use in real life.

General strength training tip 3.

Ideally you should be doing strength training exercises three times a week. Strength training for beginners can be done for just two days a week, gradually leading up to three, as this is the magic number to get the best results. Each training sessions could be 15-45 minutes long, which will depend on the type of exercises you’re doing. Doing more does not mean you will necessarily get better results. Your exercise program should be diversified, but you don’t want to overdo it. 45 minutes is really the maximum you should dedicate to a strength training routine.

General strength training tip 4.
It is important to align your body properly when you are doing strength training. When you are doing exercises standing up, your knees should be slightly bent and your feet must be shoulder-width apart. Make your movements controlled and slow. When you start the weight lifting, count to 4, then make a pause and return to the position you started in.

General strength training tip 5.
You should also pay close attention to your breathing when you are training. You should inhale when you start to lift and then exhale when you release the weight. You must never hold your breath during weight lifting.

As a beginner , every exercise set should have 8-15 repetitions. If you are beginner, start with a few and increase them gradually, which at first will feel difficult, as it should. Increasing the weight and the number of repetitions gradually will deliver the best results.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.