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Stem Cell Research Pros and Cons

There are a number of stem cell research pros and cons, and if you are like most people, you are firmly on one side or the other of the . mainly argue that these are cells, those of a human fetus, are destroyed in the process of extracting the necessary materials from the embryo. No matter which side of the stem cell research controversy you may sit, there is no doubt that this research can help with a number of medical conditions and diseases and may also provide the answers to curing a number of diseases that have no current cure. The stem cell research pros and cons will differ whether you are looking at embryonic stem cells or adult stem cells.

Stem Cell Research Pros And Cons

Arguments against stem cell research do not deny that there are both stem cell research pros and cons, but the problem is that embryonic stem cells can only be recovered from embryos and fetuses. Many of these cells are recovered from tissues resulting from abortion, and if you are against this research it may be because you believe that life is sacred from conception. The pros include the fact that embryonic stem cells can change into any cell type, making them ideal for replacing damaged cells anywhere in the body. The scientific potential for these cells is almost unlimited, but arguments against this research compare it to killing human beings, and even refer to it as murder to further medical science.

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