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Benefits of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

There are many benefits of embryonic stem cell research, but there is also a huge stem cell research controversy as well over the ethics of stem cell research. One side of the debate believes that the benefits and potential benefits of this research outweighs the fact that embryos must be destroyed to gain the stem cells. This side points to the benefits of embryonic stem cell research, and how this research could save lives and end suffering for millions of people who live with debilitating diseases every day. Advocates in the stem cell research controversy point out that paralyzed individuals will be able to walk again, and diseases like Parkinson’s Disease will become a thing of the past and can be cured.

Benefits Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Those against using stem cells do not deny the benefit of embryonic stem cell research, but rather these individuals object to the fact that embryos are being destroyed. According to the group that is against this work, even the destruction of one human being is not worth any medical advancements. The fact that many of these embryos come from abortion providers is another objection for many, and a percentage of the population does not believe that abortion should be legal and consider this murder except in very narrow circumstances, if then. The benefits of embryonic stem cell research can not be denied, but the ethics of stem cell research is another area entirely. Some believe that allowing this research starts man on a very slippery slope, one that may lead to even bigger rationalizations, such as using fully formed fetuses, newborns, or even children eventually.

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2 Responses to “Benefits of Embryonic Stem Cell Research”

  1. 1
    nompumelelo Says:
    i think it time for ethics to be more realistic
  2. 2
    Dameon Says:
    unfortunately many people tell me my opinion cannot be taken into seriously enough because it is biased in this controversy on the count of my father being a quadriplegic for nearly 3 years now. but i do support embryonic stem cell research. if it is performed on embryos that have been denied life through an abortion then why not use that as an opportunity into making miracles like allowing my father the chance to walk again as well the countless other great things this research can bring to humanity