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Poor Blood Circulation May Cause Lack of Mental Clarity

Poor Blood Circulation May Cause Lack of Mental Clarity

  • When you improve poor circulation you can also improve your mental clarity
  • Some good things to do include: eating balanced foods, avoiding high sugar levels, drinking alcohol and
  • Another great solution is Blood Circulator

Mental clarity is important to every person. Performing any operation would be difficult, if not impossible without it. As our body is a very complicated system, no doubt there are many factors that influence our mental state. Food, oxygen, sleep, our emotions and other factors have influence over our brain and body.

There is not only one thing that can be recommended, as there are many programs and diets that improve your blood circulation thus promoting mental clarity. It’s very important to keep your brain nourished. Your brain needs energy as well as your body. The brain functions in a complicated manner, sending and receiving different signals and messages constantly. The brain cells get oxygen and nutrients from blood in specific needed amounts.

All cells in the body as well as brain cells have a two-layer cell wall. This wall is about 50 to 60 percent fat and 40 to 50 percent protein. The fat and protein plus minerals and vitamins create a matrix that regulates all the necessary functions of the brain. A deficiency of needed components or an imbalance of nutrients would make the work of the brain difficult or strained. This is why it is very important to have a balanced diet that includes all necessary components in proper proportion.
The optimal choice of food is balanced foods. This means the amount of food you consume should be equal to the amount of energy you will spend. Take heed how you chew your food. The better it is chewed the better it will be digested. Dietitians think that the most balanced food has a proper ratio of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. The optimal proportion would be 1:1:4. Apart from that, your daily dietary intake should contain all types of food except excess sugars such as pastries.

You should also bear in mind water-intake regime, which should run up to 2 liters a day. If your body is experiencing a lack of water or dehydration, then your state of health can worsen, your efficiency will decline, and your pulse and breath would become more rapid. Avoid products with high sugar levels. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Eat at least three times a day and eat organic foods. Avoid psychological or emotional stress. Avoid bad fats. Get fresh air.

Good eating habits contribute to mental clarity as well as good blood circulation. Our brain needs to get all necessary nutrients along with oxygen. Proper blood circulation does this job by bringing all nutrients to the cells of our brain by the tubular system of blood vessels. On the other hand, it’s not only eating habits alone that help. Physical exercises are also a must. When you are physically active, you lose cholesterol from your blood. When your brain is nourished with oxygen and nutrients, your mental clarity is on a good level. Get a medical examination once a year just to be in the know if you have normal cholesterol levels in your blood and the possibility of hypertension. There is a wide range of medicines that can be considered for treatment if you need. Always consult your doctor before beginning any treatment methods.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Mental Clarity Says:
    Good eating habits, exercise and life style definitely makes difference in our overall health, not just blood circulation. I think they should be followed by one and all for good physical and mental health.